Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri

Designers for Stelton

October 2016
The Collar collection has been introduced by Stelton thanks to designers Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri. The Italian duo created a set of implements with which to rediscover the ritual and culture of coffee brewing. “The idea was to design a series that al- lows a brief moment of pleasure to be derived from the preparation of the drink itself, not only from its consumption”, comment the designers. It has been devised especially for coffee aficionados and savvy coffee drinkers, for whom nothing is more important than flavour. “The classic Italian espresso maker, also known as a Moka Pot, is the utmost tool for creating a professional, full-bodied brew at home.
Collar has merged the perfect function with Scandinavian design aesthetics. The Collar espresso maker uses steam pressure to brew an espresso that is both intense and well-rounded. It comes with a handle made of oak, adding a touch of nature and softness to the black Teflon-coated steel”. The product range also includes a coffee grinder (with jar), milk jug, and sugar bowl, all of which are visually linked by their tapering cylindrical containers. Debiasi and Sandri founded their own design studio named Something Design in 2010, situated between London and Verona, Italy.