David Einsiedler

CEO of Midgard

August 2017
The historical Midgard lamp brand, relaunched at the beginning of 2017, was originally founded by engineer Curt Fischer in 1919 in Thuringia (Germany). Today, Fischer is regarded as the inventor of directional light. David Einsiedler, together with his wife Joke Rasch, acquired the Midgard company in 2015. “We received all the rights, including all existing tools and lamp parts, as well as the huge company archive containing hundreds of Fischer’s original drawings, photos, letters, and documents. We have carefully restructured the company and have relocated the production facility from Thuringian to Hamburg, where we also our have other furniture brand, PLY, and our showroom. Sine February, we have been selling the Midgard lamps online. These are produced anew using the original tools, so the product is 100% original. The installation in Hamburg is accompanied by an exhibition featuring a number of treasures from the extensive Midgard archive, including an exchange of letters between Curt Fischer and Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius — a fan of Midgard, highlighting the company’s close relationship to the famous art school.”
The three classic Midgard lamp lines are the Machine Lamp (Maschinenleuchte), Adjustable Lamps (Lenklampen), and the Spring-balanced Lamp (Federzugleuchte).