Soundwave acoustic panels

Designer for Offecct

January 2017
Designed by Teppo Asikainen in 1999, Soundwave® Swell has been the starting point for a new approach to acoustic design, with a name that became a brand and later went on to do research, joining Swedish company Offecct.
Soundwave acoustic panels combine functionality and aesthetics, and are specifically designed to enhance the acoustic properties of any interior used for communication and social interaction, facilitating speech clarity (achieved by increasing absorption in the lower frequencies of 125-500Hz). Together with New Zealand-based designer David Trubridge, Offecct has created Membrane for indoor use, with inspiring features and a truly sustainable structure. When utilised for acoustic purposes, a membrane scatters sound waves and so balances the sound in a room. “Membrane works as a sound-reducing system.
By overlapping modular components and locking them together, the user can build a number of different patterns. The complexity of the pattern creates an attractive and functional hanging screen that improves acoustics and at the same time divides spaces”, says Trubridge. “Inspired by nature, we searched for a product that could mimic the qualities of leaves in a forest. Like leaves, Membrane scatters sound while partly letting the light shine through.”