Davide Groppi

Designer and Owner of Davide Groppi

June 2017
At Euroluce, Davide Groppi introduced new lamp projects inspired by Scandinavian functionalism. Weightlessness, emotion, and inventiveness; a search for high-quality living as applied to daily life. “Uniting shape and functionality, Northern design always offers a touch of genius, an intuition that goes beyond the purely aesthetic shape, making it immediately recognisable. First the light arrives, delicate and never excessive. It wraps itself around things, giving them a kind of theatrical touch. And then you want to discover what made all this possible.”
QuiQuoQua is a suspension lamp with a rechargeable battery that can be taken where it is needed, without the limitations imposed by electrical wires.. The effect is delicately elegant. Tetatet is also an autonomous table lamp, appearing to float in the air. Tomoko is different from those two: a ray of light appears to shine into a room from a window, resting casually on the surface of a lamp and illuminating the surrounding area.