Davide Groppi

Art Director at Davide Groppi

April 2016
At Light + Building 2016, Italian high-end light producer Davide Groppi is presenting a new lamp based on the concept of weightlessness, simplicity, and rhythm. The brand started its story in a small laboratory in the historical centre of the Italian town of Piacenza during the late 1980s. Groppi was inventing his first lamps and simply decided to use his own name for the company. “Emotion and creative invention have always constituted the main ingredients of our work. We are trying to surprise you again this year, while we remain keen on our search for the world’s most beautiful light... Simbiosi is all about re-thinking the idea of a chandelier. It represents the synthesis of our poetic vision.” This luminaire has been de-structured and can be re-assembled according to the user’s aesthetic taste. “It’s a kind of conjuring trick that gives you the possibility of connecting the diodes in series using very weak electric currents, with wires that are practically invisible. As a whole, it appears weightless and almost inconceivable. The very thin red wire that connects the light sources and brings them alive, one in relation to the other, is the principle component of this project.”