Design Display

Julia Lohmann and Petra Blaisse

January 2017
Designers Julia Lohmann and Petra Blaisse have transferred scientific examination to the world of design through objects and systems. Design Display ’s new exhibition in the KonzernForum at Autostadt in Wolfsburg (Germany) focuses on the subject of material research, presenting the two designers’ investigations and their distinct outcomes. Until February 2017, Lohmann’s Seaweed objects and Blaisse’s Solar Curtain initiate a dialogue inside the prismatic 20-meter-long vitrine. Each of the designers represents different methods in contemporary design research: Lohmann aims to stimulate the discourse on the use of resources and to question the purpose of design, while Blaisse develops solution-oriented products.
While seeking an alternative to fossil fuels, Lohmann discovered the potential of seaweed. In her mobile research station, Department of Seaweed, she develops new methods for seaweed to be pressed, cut, sewn, and processed into new objects. At the core of Blaisse’s work lies a coalition of interior design and landscape architecture. Design Display shows the development of a curtain equipped with solar cells that can produce electricity. Still at the prototype stage, this Solar Curtain represents the interim results of a long-term research project and demonstrates that one can discover and harness previously unexploited materials and resources.