Dirk Winkel

Designer for Wästberg

April 2016
At the recent edition of Stockholm Design Week, Wästberg introduced w164 Alto, a high-tech uplighter developed in collaboration with Dirk Winkel, a Berlin-based product designer with a good Design Award (Chicago Athenaeum), Swedish Design Award (Svensk Form), Designs of the Year prize, and the German De- sign Award 2015. “The w164 Alto is the result of re- thinking the essential components of an uplighter in the LED era, rearranging it in a new constellation and lifting the technology to another level through the use of a super compact multidirectional array. The design is meant to be a redefinition of the uplighter typology, with a pure, raw, architectural reference. The pole houses a sophisticated 10,000 lumen, multidirectional LED, creating a very even and super wide-angle light distribution. A special feature is the top disc at the base, which is a large dimming wheel that also includes the switch.” The off-centre, cylindrical unit calls to mind brutalist, deconstructionist architecture. Swedish brand Wästberg was only launched in 2008 and has already been honoured with more than 50 awards and nominations for design excellence.