photo © Christian Aschman


valerie_traan gallery and Laend

March 2017
Diane Steverlynck and Chevalier Masson have joined forces to produce textile works under the label Laend. This project has been given visibility by long-term supporter Veerle Wenes, founder of valerie_traan gallery in Antwerp.
Echo is the result of long-standing research by Laend, in which the invention of a thread explores its rhythmic potential. Producing effects that are never identical, instead the chromatic graphic identity offers subtle and sensitive surface variations.
Echo will be on view at ‘Belgitude’, an exhibition by Belgium is Design at Palazzo Litta during the Milan Design Week 4-9 April, curated by DAMNº.
photo © Christian Aschman
Screenshot of the program specially created to visualize the drawing possibilities of the yarn. photo © Diane Steverlynck