Kitchen space by Eggersmann

Kitchen space is best presented most realistically and authentically with pictures of finished jobs.

October 2017
German kitchen producer Eggersmann is mainly involved in the commission of bespoke interior projects, like the one recently realised in a beautiful villa near the Attersee premises, close to Salzburg in Austria.
“The intention of the design was to create a common mood for the kitchen space, dining, and living room area. The tall units composing the kitchen block function as a room divider to the entrance area. All cabinetry runs from floor to ceiling and has been customised for this project. The greige colour of the kitchens is conveying a harmonic and, at the same time, a balancing contrast to the dominating dark wood of the floor and wall coverings and the dining table. In the same way, the smooth finish of the kitchen is perfectly counterbalanced by the rough and vintage surface of the walls and table.” says Michael Wunram, CEO of Eggersmann.
Kitchen space is best presented most realistically and authentically with pictures of finished jobs. These kitchens, which were photographed in our customers’ homes, represent examples of the abundance of materials, colours and planning possibilities for creating custom solutions for individual people. And they prohibit us from manipulating things to make them look better or working with unrealistic space situations, as in a photo studio. The equipment shown is literally portrayed “live on stage” and offers the highest authenticity. We thank all those clients who made these pictorial reports possible. And, of course, also all eggersmann partners who planned these kitchens with enthusiasm, expertise and a great deal of sensitivity.

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Medium Dry trend:

"The interior design of the kitchen has gained a warm look. Gone is the minimalistic trend of bare stone slabs and metres-long brushed-steel surfaces. Now there’s a gentle hybrid blending, where natural wood contrasts with industrial black powdercoated metal profiles and lavish surfaces with textures that complement smooth white marble, or where traditional oiled-oak meets grey travertine stone, creating a tactile and immersive experience."