“ein&zwanzig” newcomer awards

Multipurpose vacuum cleaner receives the “Best of Best” distinction

September 2021
The “ein&zwanzig” awards honour the excellent designs by international young designers every year. The German Design Council’s renowned awards for up-and- comers showcase the 21 best products designed by young talent. Today on 6 September, the high-calibre jury announced the winner of the coveted “Best of Best” special award: it goes to Ivo Erichsen and Tobias Bihlmeyer for their Super Vacuum Cleaner design. The innovative design combines a vacuum cleaner with a chair, coffee table and storage solution – and turns a household appliance that is only rated aesthetically to a limited extent into an attractive design piece. In addition, twenty other designs received the distinction of “Winner”.
Best of Best: Super Vacuum Cleaner by Ivo Erichsen & Tobias Bihlmeyer
Ivo Erichsen and Tobias Bihlmeyer, students at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and founders of the design studio Superorganismus, are the genius behind the Super Vacuum Cleaner, a design that allows a vacuum cleaner to be used as a chair or coffee table in its downtime. It also offers storage space as opposed to just taking up space – which makes the Super Vacuum Cleaner useful even when it is not being used for cleaning. Thereby, the two young designers have turned a rarely considered household necessity into a real design piece that fits in any setting.
The cylindrical shape of the container tapers at the top. It is made of cork, a sustainable material that creates a pleasant environment with its discreet warmth and attractive look and feel. The soft material absorbs sound and has excellent soundproofing characteristics, reducing the noise the vacuum cleaner makes when operated.
A set of wheels gives the Super Vacuum Cleaner mobility. Applying weight from the top causes the wheels to recede into the housing and the container sits securely on the floor. A set of different lids transforms the vacuum cleaner into a variety of furniture pieces with ease: a wooden seat turns it into a stool, an attachable backrest makes it a chair and tabletops of different sizes create either a coffee table, side table or bedside table. The bagless vacuum cleaner features a dust canister and has enough space inside the wooden container to hold the vacuum hose. The power cord rewinds automatically.
RFF einundzwanzig vacuum cleaner © Tobias Bihlmeyer Ivo Erichsen
RFF einundzwanzig vacuum cleaner © Tobias Bihlmeyer Ivo Erichsen
RFF einundzwanzig vacuum cleaner © Tobias Bihlmeyer Ivo Erichsen
RFF einundzwanzig vacuum cleaner © Tobias Bihlmeyer Ivo Erichsen
RFF Designer © Ivo Erichsen
RFF Designer © Tobias Bihlmeyer