Elisabeth Slunge about the Capella chair by Kinnarps

Brand/Range/Design Director at Kinnarps

December 2015
Contemporary smart offices are based on more free and interactive movement: the Capella chair by Kinnarps subscribes to this trend, as Elisabeth Slunge confirms: “In today’s activity-based offices, we move around and choose the best workspace for each activity during the day. A task chair can be used by different persons at dif- ferent times. We have therefore developed a chair that is very easy to adapt to individual needs, with simple setting controls. Every user has an individual need for active sitting.” Does this also mean that the chair can provide the user with a healthier life at work? “The best sitting position is always the next position. The body needs movement to ensure well being. The Capella chair is based on a new mechanism called FreeMotionTM, an entirely new system in which balanced micro-movements in the seat create tiny adjustments but without the chair feeling unsteady. It has been developed according the principal that sitting down is not about sitting still, which is why the chair encourages the body to move while seated.”
At the heart of Capella is the newly-developed and innovative FreeMotionTM patent-pending mechanism, which promotes active sitting through mini, smart, micro-movements. The chair has also been fitted with Kinnarps’s next-generation FreeFloatTM system, whereby the seat and back move independently of each other, following the natural movements of the user. Capella was created by Johan Larsvall at Idesign, a Stockholm-based practice that has extensive experience in design- ing for work environments. Johan Larsvall has collabo- rated with Kinnarps for many years, resulting in several highly successful, ergonomic chairs. Capella is available in various editions, with sleek white, polished, or black metal details, and a graphite black or chrome frame. In addition, the seat can be upholstered in any of the fabrics from Kinnarps’s large collection. A task chair to suit one’s own personal style.