Equilibre Downlight, Prandina

Equilibre Collection


April 2022
Floor lamp for diffused, direct or indirect light.
Presenting a unique story, so unrepeatable that it must be told with urgency, this is the goal of Equilibre. A design that can assume the leading role in the most diverse and unusual projects; able to change, adapt, and dictate the rhythm of spaces and light, in a loud clear voice and with no fear. This collection owes its name to the subtle formal balance between its tapered stem and large circular diffuser. In the floor version, its 2 metres height, enhances its intriguing sculptural appearance.
After standing out for years, it is now in LED version and customisable to meet every project requirements.
Equilibre Sala de Pranzo, Prandina
Equilibre, Prandina
Equilibre, Prandina
Equilibre, Prandina