November 2016
The Fantoni Research Centre investigates the evolving world of work, including its sociological aspects, and responds to the need for both a social life and privacy in the workplace. With increasing frequency, open-plan offices require small meeting areas or closed spaces for privacy. Acoustic Room creates an acoustically-protected haven inside an open- plan office or collective environment, for meetings and other situations requiring particular focus. A box within a box, comprising two modules of different dimensions, creates islands within high-traffic spaces. The module consists of 4akustik sound-absorbent panels, a high-performance acoustic product from Fantoni’s Acoustic Panelling division. The Fantoni stand at the Salone del Mobile presented a full line of acoustic solutions, underscoring the versatility of its products. 4akustik is based on the tried-and-tested panel that possesses high sound-deadening performance, but with a new formula that enables top health and safety performance to be achieved. Furthermore, it conforms to the F 4-star rating of the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), considered the most stringent in the world, relating to ultra-low formaldehyde content and therefore safeguarding the environment.