Fare Luce by Giovanni Maria Filindeu

Architect for Foscarini

June 2017
Fare Luce was the title of an installation created by architect Giovanni Maria Filindeu for Foscarini Spazio Brera during Milan Design Week 2017. Six different environments, made purely to convey an evocative dimension, suggested an engaging journey, somewhere in which to dive into and deep and touching optical experiences and emotions.
“Light and shadow are the first and most essential parameters the world offers to architecture, lending meaning to space and allowing it to become a ‘place”, emphasises Filindeu. “Immersion in these environments is a journey that recalls emotions, memories, and experiences, born and fuelled by the manifestation of light. The walk is accompanied and marked by music designed to structure the experience: each environment becomes a harmonious chassis, each with its own material, proportions, and sound. So, music becomes the voice of light. Whether it is a lace-like sky on a Sunday afternoon in early spring, or a geometrical creation, or an energetic show of seven colours of the rainbow, there is a prize for children of all ages who have been patient during the rain”, proclaims Filindeu.