Ferruccio Laviani

Designer for Foscarini

April 2016
This past February, during the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Foscarini presented for the first time a special installation to communicate its brand identity and the collection’s character. The project was interpreted through the vision of Ferruccio Laviani, who designed an extremely evocative presentation that won the Best Stand Editors’ Choice prize. “We created an enveloping tunnel structure that hosts the eclectic Foscarini universe”, explains Laviani. “With this project, called At a Glance, we let visitors experience Foscarini by walking through an unreal world and being surrounded by the collection, which was displayed in an unexpected way. We invited people to see things from another point of view, to search in a different way, to find originality in a thought, in a shape, in a project. From the central part of the stand, in all shades of blue, you could then ac- cess a tunnel painted fully in red from floor to ceiling, a chromatic continuum that created a disruptive effect with unexpected and pleasant perspectives.”