Fields by Kinnarps for Propeller Design

Fields designed by Olle Gyllang, won the 2017 iF Design Award.

December 2017
Earlier this year, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Kinnarps invited its visitors to be part of Silhouettes of Kinnarps, an architectural exhibition celebrating the company’s 75-year history. Among the products on show at its stand was Fields designed by Olle Gyllang, which won the 2017 iF Design Award. Fields is a contemporary furniture concept that brings together the shared and the private, meetings and working alone, the individual and the group. A range born out of today’s ways of working, it has been produced for active workplaces. With Fields, environments can be shared and divided into meeting areas, rooms within rooms, and creative environments and spaces for concentrated work or private workplaces. ‘The different modules in Fields can be combined,’ notes the designer, ‘and linked together and placed in a wide range of different ways. A unique impression can be created with the extensive range of materials, colours and accessories. The basic concept of Fields is a modular and flexible system where functions and parts can be combined depending on requirements, conditions and space. We have created the building blocks and options; now the architect can step in and use these as a basis for designing high-quality functional environments.’
Kinnarps offers furniture for all types of workplaces: from open-plan offices, executive offices and cellular groups to conference, training and meeting rooms, cafés and restaurants, reception and breakout areas, and quiet spaces. Today, we have a team that works exclusively with future based research and development. Their mission is to create the technology for the workspaces of the future. In a nutshell, Kinnarps provides interior workspace solutions for offices and public environments.

DAMN°65 Work presents products that are creating waves in the working field. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Body Conscious trend:

"Multifunctional fixtures and clever environments contain elements which lay the foundations for cooperation, communication, community and social interlace, but also for concentration, study and personal time. How to achieve a global personal comfort? Combining materials that respect not only the physical needs, but also today’s ethical priorities like sustainability and a conscious product’s lifecycle."