Fienile, Luceplan

Fienile — Luceplan

September 2020
“I chose the name Fienile (hayloft) as a precise reference to the farm in Norway where my grandfather spent his childhood. A memory that has inspired me from afar to create this table lamp. With its low pitched roof, lateral pillars and central wall, I wanted to explicitly suggest the world of Nordic architecture. Most table lamps are organized around a vertical axis but Fienile takes a different direction; it is symmetrical around its length with two ends and two main “facades.” Thinking about this project, I imagined creating a product that could also welcome and shed light on our own objects of affection, to keep close at hand on a table, in a preferred or special position.”
Daniel Rybakken
First created as a table lamp, but then interpreted in suspension and floor models for outdoor use: Fienile is the new family of products generated by the long-term collaboration with Daniel Rybakken.
The geometric forms are based on those of simple rural buildings. Fienile is a work of architecture with walls in satin-finish anodized aluminum like the pitched roof, extruded in a single solid block and then shaped with a process of CNC milling. The surfaces are in cork and follow the footprint of the base.
The table version can be used with a touch-sensor dimmer. The LEDs are placed under the roof to project soft, warm light onto the surface below as well as along the central wall and the lateral posts. The luminous effect produced on the vertical surfaces is of the wall-washer type while the light reflected from the table top creates
a poetic luminous cloud. The facades of the lamp and the lateral ends have been envisioned by Rybakken as a sort of delicately lit stage, a place for cherished objects, giving rise to unusual compositions of light and shadow, colors and materials.
Fienile, Luceplan, DUO
Fienile, Luceplan
Fienile, Luceplan