Fiskars Scissors by Olof Bäckström

October 2017
A kitchenware classic, Fiskars’ orange-handled Scissors, designed by Olof Bäckström, have been an essential tool for everyday tasks and creative processes since 1967.
In 1967, Fiskars revolutionised the way the world saw scissors. Not only were our orange-handled scissors lighter, more comfortable and easier to handle than heavy forged scissors, they also delivered an incredible leap in cutting performance. Since then, over a billion Fiskars scissors have been sold worldwide.
Today, the scissors are loved worldwide for their superior cutting performance and legendary durability. Whether you are preparing food, sewing, working in your garage or crafting with your kids, we have the perfect pair of scissors for you.
Back in the day, they revolutionised the world of scissors. To celebrate the object’s 50th anniversary, Fiskars and Helsinki Design Museum have produced a unique exhibition entitled Our Scissors. A wide range of internationally renowned artists, designers, and creatives have been invited to take part with their artworks. Some have been inspired by the design, some by the distinctive orange colour, and others by the cutting function. There are as many interpretations as there are artists, each more imaginative than the next.
The exhibition runs until 29 October, as part of Helsinki Design Week 2017.

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Choreographic Core trend:

"The kitchen is a stage set, where the elements are intrinsically ergonomic, designed to make a primordial connection between user and form, material, tools. Importance is given to contact, movement, and presence, with the items becoming an extension of our hands and arms, bringing us closer to a daily personal ritual. Value is attributed to the moment just before tasting."