Flio by Vlad Butucariu

Flio Laptop Stand launched on Kickstarter

November 2014

ultra slim & portable wooden laptop stand by Vlad Butucariu
Flio is a collapsible laptop stand that offers an ergonomic viewing height and keeps an angle for easy typing anywhere you go. Designer Vlad Butucariu about his project he just launched on Kickstarter: "I like having the freedom to use my laptop comfortably wherever I am, whether it’s a café, train, office, or any other public space. And I bet you do too. Nowadays we’re more active than ever, carrying our laptop everywhere and all the time for communicating, watching movies, playing and working. This multitude of environments comes at a price: lack of comfort and back pains. The inconvenience is that a laptop’s screen is really low compared to our eye-level, and after a while of concentrating on work, back pain appears. I know this problem first-hand, and tried to improvise with objects around me to lift the laptop higher. The issue was that it either wasn’t positioned high enough, unstable, or I couldn’t type without an additional keyboard. And even if my temporary ‘construction’ helped with a proper posture, it was too heavy and massive to take it with me. So that’s why I invented the Flio stand!"