Form Us With Love

February 2017
Pun h (an ancient term in Sanskrit that means again) is an initiative of Godrej & Boyce, one of India’s major manufacturing conglomerates. Led by Shubhi Sachan, it focuses on re-thinking the use of industrial waste materials.
This year, Form Us With Love was invited to design the first ever Pun h exhibition, which was shown at the London Design Festival in September. About a year ago, Swedish design studio Form Us With Love met with the Chief Executive Director and Chief Design Officer representing the Godrej Group.
“The two gentlemen casually visited our studio at Sankt Eriksplan in Stockholm”, recalls Allon Libermann, “to talk about strategic design and operations in aerospace, real-estate, safety, food, and furniture, among many other things. Six months later, Hemmant Jha, Chief Design Officer at Godrej, invited us to Mumbai to explore Indian daily life and Godrej Industries, with special attention to the newly developed Innovation Center. This experimentation hub is built to challenge the boundaries of contemporary design in India, a stance that resonated well with Form Us With Love’s ethos.”
The Pun h exhibition in London, designed by Form Us With Love, presented the explored materials in a narrative way. The project was brought to life in response to the various types and amounts of industrial waste generated by Godrej & Boyce’s manufacturing facilities. For 10 months, starting in February 2015, the Pun h team did extensive field research, visiting as many as 25 factories and accumulating a database of over 600 waste materials. The explorative journey from these neglected materials to potential applications is being carried out in collaboration with various Indian designers, such as 11.11. By using the assembled materials archive as a communication tool, Godrej is creating a platform for both designers and employees, in order to unleash the full potential of the materials at hand.