Fragments by Pierre Charpin

'The decorations are abstract in the sense that the forms evoke themselves.'

January 2018
Pierre Charpin has chosen the name Fragments for its Ceramiche Piemme collection, paying tribute to the painstaking task of gathering and composing references to his artistic work. ‘I wanted something that was not static, that could represent movement,’ explains Pierre Charpin. ‘The decorations are abstract in the sense that the forms evoke themselves. It is the combination of these that creates a pictorial effect, even if the colours have been chosen from the palette of grey rather than from brighter shades, as perhaps one would have expected of me.’
Fragments is also a reference to the breakdown and reconstruction of several materials in the design for the same surfaces: the shiny, continuous effect of resin; the playful effects of the forms in stone; the use of maiolica on the walls. ‘I was charmed by the idea of never having worked on a tile design. I had a rather romantic, the decorative idea of this type of production, and I knew nothing about it or indeed about the market. So I plunged into a world that was completely unknown to me. After all, this is one of the most interesting aspects of our trade: the opportunity to try out our skills in new sectors; to attempt to understand what makes them tick; the reasoning behind them; their history; and use this to present them with a new, if possible innovative outlook.’

DAMN°66 Materials presents products that are the new generation of products. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Patina trend:

"The return of the gentle allure of past interiors. That effortless pleasure for materials with a long history and the understated details for a kaleidoscopic, saturated effect. Explore the potentialities of the expressive use of timeless patterns, in a temporal short circuit that can make you feel comfortable and confident, all at once."