Fra(m)menti by Cesar

October 2017
Taking part in the third edition of the exhibition A Matter of Perception inside the Grey Room n. 6 in Palazzo Litta (one of the most fascinating examples of Lombard baroque) during Milan Design Week, Cesar presented the project Fra(m)menti.
With the design supervision entrusted to Garcia Cumini Associati, Cesar focused on a modern and efficient design culture for kitchens, with spare, practical, and intuitive lines. In the centre of the room was the Unit, and around it, an array of mirrors. This created a relationship between product and observer. Through the myriad of images it reflects, each mirror establishes an exclusive connection, precisely because the observer’s point of view, reflection, and way of interacting is unique. Unit, with its light and dynamic design system, is free from the constraints of a wall, and is thus the perfect interpreter of a staging that involves the audience in a full experience. “The network of mirrors builds an imaginary chain, like an alchemist’s formula, reflecting itself infinitely and allowing the spectator to lose her/himself in the space, to become an actor with a very personal viewpoint. With Fra(m)menti, we wanted to let people to lose themselves in the multitude of colours, sounds, and reflections — which is also a metaphor for the incredible variety of real life connections. We also provided a tool for finding a way back, as represented by a bespoken version of Unit.”

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Sweet Modernist trend:

"Seducing the eye with the vital force of accurate contours, shaping the body of the object like a precious grand centrepiece to attract the attention and polarise our movements... Whether it is the eclectic morphism recalling the forms of exotic locations or the shivering glow of the polished metallic surfaces, the wittiness of the design is enrapturing."