Architects Lundgaard & Tranberg

November 2016
Fritz Hansen furnishings form part of the interior design of SEB Bank & Pension HQ in Copenhagen, a project by architects Lundgaard & Tranberg, with interior design by Mtre Architects. In creating the Danish headquarters of the Swedish bank, the goal was to house the newly-employed staff and incorporate the characteristics of transparency and informality. The space features exquisite materials and is flooded with natural light. There’s a clear connection between the exterior and the interior by way of the exposed concrete columns, and a serene atmosphere is derived from the organic shape of the drapes, along with the chairs, plants, and wooden floor.
SEB wanted to build a bridge between the outside and inside and to create a working environment focused on quality. The flexible, transparent design of the building structure is emphasised by materials like concrete, steel, glass, and wood. Contributing to the Nordic look and feel, the choice of furniture reflects the core idea of a modern organisation. Both building and furniture are designed to last, with only a minimum of maintenance required. By combining highly-refined furniture and an honest building structure, the total impression is of a distinct Nordic aesthetic heritage. Designed to reflect SEB’s workplace culture, the premises provides a stimulating and vibrant environment that helps attract and retain the right kind of talent.