February 2018
The Swedish creatives Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist from the studio Front have created the colourful Parquet collection for Gan, which is inspired by the shapes of classic flooring. Lindgren and Lagerkvist are curious by nature and draw inspiration from both the legacy of Scandinavian design and the latest technological advances. Founded in late 2008, Gan gives an identity to Gandiablasco ́s line of indoor home textiles.

DAMN°66 Materials presents products that are the new generation of products. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Suprematist trend:

"Monumental patterns and proportions that recall those historical avant-garde researches for the pure form, where the perfected polished geometries were applied on huge scales. A vivid visual power, creating paintings or sculpture-like elements that one could enter and live in."