Giorgio Biscaro

Art director at FontanaArte

March 2016
Designer, art director, and lecturer, Giorgio Biscaro has long worked in light design, an aptitude that in 2012 brought him to FontanaArte. His most recent creation, HollyG, is an LED table lamp celebrating the art of glass blowing. “When I first started thinking about a table lamp, I thought of FontanaArte and its connection to iconic glasswork. And when I focused on that, an image immediately popped into my mind: all the other glass table lamps I know-of have those ugly rods through which the cable has to pass to reach the bulb on top. The glass’s purity is thereby scarred and, more importantly, the trick is spoiled. So I wondered about a lamp where that magic remained intact, where the technology, undeclared, simply made things work and was lightweight and silent. I wanted to place the smallest, brightest LED source at the base: the plan was to cast an uplight and bounce it back onto the table through a reflector, or a lampshade. But the point is that we had to find a way to narrow the beam because otherwise it would be wider than the shade itself. We then had to face another technological challenge, namely finding an optical device to shrink the light. And thanks to the company’s great R&D department, we found it. When the first prototype reached my desk, I beheld a wonderful, crystal-clear, hollow glass body through which the light travelled completely invisibly. Then I put the lampshade on so it could reflect all that light downwards. This, to me, is true magic.”