February 2017
After the launch of its Carpet Reloaded collection in 2008, which features an innovative process of decolorisation and re-dyeing of vintage carpets, Golran has brought out a new contemporary series, informed by creative design director Francesca Avossa. Faithful to the brand’s Persian roots, Golran has consolidated its status over the last few years, with a dedicated range harnessing luxury craftsmanship and decorative merit in a modern key. This has paved the way for carpets that are no longer simply vehicles for fashion and taste, but for the technical refinement and great aesthetic comfort dictated by increasingly sophisticated interior schemes.
The Paralleli collection brings together different materials and inspirations. Baroque allusions of embroidery, edgings, frames, and ornamental motifs, as well as personalised revisitations of Persian and Indian patterns, contrast with the simplicity of exquisite monochromes and contemporary-art inserts. Geometric shapes and lines reference minimalism and American post-pictorial abstractionism.