Hacker Vase, DWA Studio

Hacker Vase — DWA Studio

September 2020
Design by DWA Design Studio, Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani
Manufactured by Manuel Coltri
Materials: Carrara marble and Lapislazzuli
Hacker is a collection of marble artefacts, the synthesis of a research that DWA Design Studio has conducted to give a new live to leftover stone slabs, abandoning the classic manufacturing processes and creating new ones.
For this project, the leftover marble slabs underwent complex processing, which led to obtaining different blocks from each other with check or striped patterns.
On the occasion of the Kleureyck exhibition a special edition vase was made in Carrara marble and lapis lazuli, a precious stone from which Jan Van Eyck obtained the blue colour used in his paintings.
Hacker Vase, DWA Studio