Harry H

By designer and Vice President of Artemide - Carlotta de Bevilacqua

May 2017
Among the novelties presented by Artemide this year is a project of mesmerising technological beauty in the guise of a robotic jelly fish. Harry H is a lamp designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua. “It’s also a hybrid optical device”, says the designer, “that represents a change in the lighting design paradigm. LEDs possess the traditional patterns of light sources, whereas OLEDs have certain peculiarities. This product is a thorough review of lighting that starts with the features of this new technology.”
The structure of the OLED is mostly made of carbon and ensures uniform emission over a broad surface, with limited glare. “This lamp is an open system that breaks with tradition, a hybrid that brings together the LED and the OLED, making the most of both technologies and combining them to provide the best possible performance to meet people’s needs.”
The bottom of the fixture features four pairs of adjustable OLED panels emitting light from both sides and generating a convergence between the source and the reflector. Their tilt ensures that the light is controlled by the geometry of those panels. When switched off, the mirrored sur- face of the panels reflects the surroundings, while the light emitted by the top comes from a COB LED (chip-on-board LED) and works across geometries, materials, and innovative finishes to control and diffuse the overall lighting, particularly at the sides, and also indirectly to a limited extent.