Harvest by Kasthall

March 2018
Kasthall launched a new product concept called Harvest during the ICFF design fair in New York. Harvest is a creation of the Kasthall design studio, which saw an opportunity to further the company’s environmental stewardship by making use of leftover spools of yarn from the production process. The Harvest range consists of modern woven rugs in colour-shifting hues, made entirely from residual yarn, each rug with a unique appearance.
‘The idea was to draw inspiration from the traditional Swedish rag rug, resulting in a concept of premium woven rugs, with durability as a key component of the creative design process and production. There are often two or three spools of a certain colour yarn left over after weaving a rug. This is because we make a few extra spools in case we need to redo something during the production process. We have high-quality requirements for finished products, which is why we cannot reuse the residual spools of wool for rugs in the same collection due to the risk of minor colour discrepancies. The variation in colour of the residual spools of yarn posed a challenge and inspired us to find an exciting way to put it to use. That’s how the Harvest idea was born,’ explains Ellinor Eliasson, who founded the Harvest concept.

DAMN°66 Materials presents products that are the new generation of products. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Sustainable trend:

"A new generation of products is gaining ground and taking the lead of the future production rules. Conscious of our environmentally harmed world and seeing no alternatives to a sustainable future, designers and companies use the smartest research and the best practices to produce the highest ethical possible pieces. By distancing ourselves from the world of ’yearly trends’ and irresponsible material choices, these products create awareness and an ethical critical mass."