Soft Ice Salad Bowl green, Salt and Pepper M terracotta, Salt and Pepper M yellow


Spring 2021

January 2021
HAY has introduced the Spring 2021 Accessories Collection, which includes an array of everyday items for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, as well as an original selection of products that support an active, on-the-go lifestyle. This collection also features exciting new products made with a talented designer who is new to the HAY family: Visual artist and creator of Danish bracelet line Kyoto Tango, Ann Sophie von Bülow. 
As always, HAY Accessories feature an abundance of colours and materials applied to products that are essential for most of us during the course of everyday life. There is an emphasis on sustainability carried through the collection, and many products support reuse, such as dish-washing brushes available with replaceable heads and a new range of large, portable water bottles in recyclable, BPA-free plastic. The Spring 2021 collection features bright colours and lots of stripes, as well as new floor coverings that are portable and easy to experiment with. You will also see multiple variations of coloured glass, a material that elevates even the most basic item into something more special.
In 2002, HAY was established as a new kind of design company in Denmark. Motivated by the certainty that good design is everyone’s right, HAY set out to innovate new ways to answer the ever-evolving needs of the modern world – but at a more accessible price point than industry standards.
Perla Phone Holder family, Ana Kraš
Perla Phone Holder karo, Ana Kraš
Aquarelle Vertical ice blue
Candy Wash Bag pink
Chopping Board family
Door Mat light green, Watering Can terracotta
HAY Water Bottle burgundy blue rose
Leo Sponge family, Connie Hüsser