In-house design team at Nya Nordiska

February 2018
‘The first of our new fabrics, Metropolitan, has linen woven with metallic shine as a modern re-interpretation of Art Deco elements. The printed-on foam appliqués are composed of shimmering metal platelets, which are made to look three-dimensional thanks to a lateral shadow joint in coloured foam. In silver, gold and copper, they are combined with seven modern pastel shades and elegant non-colours. Moreover, we lately presented an upholstery fabric, Pablo FR, which was used for new armchairs, designed by Hermann August Weizenegger. Pablo FR stands out with functional properties. Three different yarns are woven in different colour tones to form an irregular and modern weave. This means the functional multi-layering of the textile is paired with the visual three-dimensionality of the fabric.’
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DAMN°66 Materials presents products that are the new generation of products. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Patina trend:

"The return of the gentle allure of past interiors. That effortless pleasure for materials with a long history and the understated details for a kaleidoscopic, saturated effect. Explore the potentialities of the expressive use of timeless patterns, in a temporal short circuit that can make you feel comfortable and confident, all at once."