photo © Nathalie Dewez

Inner Light

Val Saint Lambert and Nathalie Dewez

March 2017
The skill of Val Saint Lambert’s craftsmen’s for precision-cut crystal was central to produce these three one-off lamps that emphasise the inner projection of light, each formed by two layers of leftover crystal and with LEDs placed in their centres.
As a result, designer Nathalie Dewez focused on the shade of the cut, using two layers of leftover crystal, one inside the other, with the inner surface cut with drawings and the outer sanded to catch the projection. Conceptually grounded in reinvention, these works are equally formed by the fashion-immune qualities of communication: a mutual experience of listening and learning, adaption and exploration, a carefully crafted conversation defined by its openness.
Inner Light will be on view at ‘Belgitude’, an exhibition by Belgium is Design at Palazzo Litta during the Milan Design Week 4-9 April, curated by DAMNº.