MENU Interconnect Candle Holder.

Interconnect Candle Holder

MENU by Colin King

September 2021
Interconnect Candle Holder is a bold and illuminating centrepiece of exaggerated proportions, designed for MENU by Colin King. As a source of cosy candlelight, it is
characterised by its deceptively simple geometric form: a sphere, an angle and a line, which unite to create a unique design.
“As a stylist, I love the idea of a candle holder, but it always fell short through the lens of the camera. I started off with scale and knew I wanted to create something with a real presence. Something with expanse that can live on its own or with other objects,” says Colin King on his new design. With a life beyond its intended use, the bold piece works
equally well without a candle – as sculptural art piece. Available in polished brass or painted steel, it is an object with a simplicity that speaks volumes.
About The Designer
Professionally trained as a dancer, Colin King found himself at the intersection between a dancer’s awareness of space and a stylist’s impulse to bring it to life before foraying into
the realm of product design. Currently based in Tribeca, New York City, he finds himself in a balance between being on set, styling and designing from his studio. He is continuously inspired by life’s everyday rituals, gestures and imperfections – made beautiful by their ever-evolving presence within a given space. Colin King is the designer behind Interconnect, MENU’s monumental candle holder design.
MENU Interconnect Candle Holder
MENU Interconnect Candle Holder
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MENU Interconnect Candle Holder.
MENU Interconnect Candle Holder.
MENU Interconnect Candle Holder.
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