Jacopo Della Fontana

Architect and Founder of D2U — Design to Users

December 2016
The new Publicis Group Headquarters in Milan was recently redeveloped by Italian architectural firm D2U - Design to Users. Jacopo della Fontana was in charge of the development and execution of the project, with the goal of transforming an abandoned property into a new-generation office building.
“Turning a sad, empty building into an inviting, creative campus presented a huge challenge,” says della Fontana, “overcome thanks to the vision and determination of everyone involved.” This vision gave birth to a workplace able to provide a shot of energy and inspire people, making it a place that people don’t want to leave. In addition to the three main agencies in the Group (Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, and MSL), the 11,500 square-metre space also hosts other companies, totalling some 10 brands.
“To keep the various brand images separate, three different entrances had to be identified, each with plenty of visibility from the outside and with its own distinctive appearance on the inside. The layouts of the workspaces on the up- per floors share a common approach marked by several style variants. Overall, the spaces are organised in such a way as to facilitate socialisation and creative interaction while guaranteeing privacy and allowing each company in the Group to maintain its own distinctive image.”