James de Witte

CEO of 2tec2

January 2016
2tec2 is a Belgian manufacturer of innovative woven vinyl flooring (80% vinyl, 20% glass fibre). The company was established in 2005 as part of Le Tissage d’Arcade, based on the harmonious combination of traditional weaving and the use of superior modern materials. The driving forces behind the brand are brother and sister team James and Katia De Witte, and her husband Philippe Hanet. This year, 2tec2 introduces the Lustre collection, possessing a surface that changes drastically depending on the angle of light and vision. Through innovative techniques and inspired by nature, 2tec2 has envisioned a flooring proposition that consists of a woven top layer of PVC-coated fibreglass yarns combined with a flexible and compact PVC backing. As James De Witte explains, “Our PVC-coated yarns are co-extruded and then woven on Jacquard looms. The name Lustre stems from the mineralogical term describing the way light bounces off minerals, crystals, and rocks, just as light bounces off the surface of this material and creates an ever-changing appearance. The asymmetrical pattern found in our flooring proposition references the occurrence of mathematical patterns in natural crystalline structures.”
This collection is an attempt to redress vinyl flooring to achieve a contemporary appearance. “Architects see 2tec2 as a wonderful alternative to broadloom carpet. The aesthetics, walking comfort, and excellent wear resistance make woven vinyl a durable floor covering. The project market has introduced increasingly stringent requirements for the maintenance and durability of floor- ing. There is also a strong demand for new, sustainable materials. The woven vinyl 2tec2 has quickly become regarded as the new standard in sustainable flooring.” Each of the four available patterns comes in both tiles and rolls and possesses all the standard assets of 2tec2, such as a class 33 label for intensive use, Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1) for fire resistance, moisture and stain resistance, and ease of maintenance. It also makes it possible to create custom-coloured variations on demand, as well as small production batches.