Jan Kath

March 2018
Designs made of silk, interwoven with shimmering enchanted forests of lotus flowers, convoluted arabesques and palmettes. Inspired by the baroque Persian carpets that fascinated the Polish and European courts, Jan Kath created his Polonaise collection. Modifying the colours, most of which had faded, adding his own motifs, and applying the antique finishing process, are all typical Jan Kath signatures to carpets. ‘On the one hand, carpets are vibrant and symmetrical, like looking through a kaleidoscope. On the other hand, they are enchanted and elegant. These designs fascinated not only the Persian royalty. They also appealed to the baroque tastes of the Polish court, which then commissioned a special order. The Persian designs were joined by European motifs, and the carpets even showed the crests of the rulers. It is a synthesis of the East and the West. The structures are so varied and delicate that the craftsmen often have to switch materials between single knots,’ notes Kath. ‘But it is precisely this natural anarchy of thousands and thousands of colour points that make the pieces stand out.’

DAMN°66 Materials presents products that are the new generation of products. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Patina trend:

"The return of the gentle allure of past interiors. That effortless pleasure for materials with a long history and the understated details for a kaleidoscopic, saturated effect. Explore the potentialities of the expressive use of timeless patterns, in a temporal short circuit that can make you feel comfortable and confident, all at once."