Jan Kath


February 2016
In his latest collection, German carpet producer Jan Kath further toys with the feeling of ‘vanishing’, letting material and shape disappear into an immaterial presence. “It has become my signature to play with the special attraction of imperfection. Perfection and smoothness are boring to our eyes. A multilayered effect tells a story. This is an image you see every day in the Ruhr, were I live. The post-industrial charm of dilapidated mining sites has always interested me. Hand-combed, hand-spun Tibetan highland wool, Chinese silk, and stinging-nettle threads create varying reflections of light, lending the carpets an almost transparent depth. My designs first take shape on the computer. Even though it may appear uncalculated, not a single knot is made by chance: each is planned exactly, to determine not only the colour but also the material mix. The yarn of one knot can be a combination of three different materials: wool, silk, and nettle. One-of-a-kind design and the highest quality natural materials in combination with traditional manual production techniques imbue each carpet with its own particular character, making it a unique piece. Our carpets are islands of wellbeing with a healing effect in otherwise cold interiors. We are hoping to achieve a sense of balance by combining modern design with age-old weaving methods while still respecting tradition and technique.”