Designer for Schiffini

September 2016
Lepic by Schiffini is the first industrially-produced kitchen designed by Jasper Morrison, after having de- signed so many products for every environment in the home. Lepic is a project that completely fits into Morrison’s design philosophy. The creativity and design development process is also in keeping with the British designer’s timeline: it has taken two years to design and above all, refine and curate, even the smallest details of the complex system that is kitchens. “Lepic is indeed an apparently easy and intuitive system, but it is rich in detail. We sought after combinations of different materials and endless composition variations. The versatility of Lepic can be seen in its capacity to be contextualised to suit different environments and various cultures.” Morrison’s concepts were reflected in the design of the Schiffini showroom in Milano in Via Uberto Visconti di Modrone where, during the last edition of Design Week, many objects designed by him were on show in addition to the three different versions of the kitchen. The settings recalled in the staging represented Milan, Tokyo, and Stockholm, and were tied to Jasper Morrison’s professional experiences. These became the inspiration for the three compositions that combined materials such as FENIX laminate and stainless steel alongside warm Nor- dic woods like natural oak.