Surande haiku illustration

JCP Surande byAlessandro Zambelli

July 2019
‘Winning but always / Distracted by the beauty / Of things out of reach.’ Thishaiku by Alistair Gentry contains the words that Alessandro Zambelli has chosen to depict the lamp he has designed for JCP. Surande is a sculpted form in marble, where the foot of an illusionary cylinder is illuminated by a light floating above, or within it. Like many of the Italian designer’s projects,Surande is an object that goes beyond the dimension of reality. The suspended glass sphere reflects the light and gives its environment aniridescent and beguiling atmosphere. The surfaces and matte finish also contribute to the general mesmerising effect, where the Carrara marble plays with the white porcelain finish and iridescent borosilicate glass
Surande by Alessandro Zambelli
Surande detail