Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér

Designers and Founders of Form Us With Love

November 2015
Baux Acoustic Panels & Tiles is a joint venture between entrepreneurs Johan Ronnestam and Fredrik Franzon, and the founding partners of design studio Form Us With Love: Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér. “Baux aspires to bring the calm tranquility and beauty of the forest into large urban spaces. We live in Sweden, which makes the forest a classic environment for us to access in order to get some quiet time. The wood wool from spruce trees that grow in these forests is bonded with cement in the factory to create environmentally friendly elements with excellent acoustic properties, including marvellous natural insulation. Both the panels and the tiles have the ability to rejuvenate spaces with transformational designs.” Swedish architects Codesign soundproofed the newly remodelled Grillska gymnasiet in Stockholm using Baux tiles and panels of different shapes and colours on all three floors of the building.