José Maase

Senior Industrial designer at Mosa

February 2016
Dutch high-end ceramic producer Royal Mosa has recently participated in the design of the new hospital Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft, with the application of a tailored floor surface. Ceramic tiles have been laid in a pattern specially designed by EGM architects, inspired by Delft pottery. The tiles were selected from Mosa’s existing collections.

“The Beige & Brown collection (reflecting the colour of unbaked porcelain clay) was laid in the central corridor in three shades and formats, and finished with small, light blue square tiles from the Global Collection”, informs José Maase. “These light blue tiles, which are of the same quality and thickness as the Beige & Brown tiles, have been incorporated into the pattern in the corners. Variously-sized tiles were laid in a pattern of 3.60 metres x 7.20 metres, including certain pieces expressly manufactured for the purpose. The logistics were challenging, as the central axis pierces the entire building. Therefore, the connecting tiles had to undergo final processing in order to integrate with the corner figurations. This was truly a custom design project for Mosa.” The choice of ceramic tiles is directly related to the legacy of Delft as a city of ceramics as well as the birthplace of artist Johannes Vermeer. As part of the design process, the architects transformed Girl with a Pearl Earring into a pixel pattern and incorporated the painting’s most significant colour accents in the floor design.