Jumbo's chubby furniture "cherishes the childlike"

The Neotenic collection takes on a tubular, chubby form

June 2018
New York studio Jumbo has released a range of furniture and lighting solutions named Neotenic.
Revealed during this year's NYCXDesign festival – which took place throughout the month of May – the Neotenic collection takes on a tubular, chubby form.
Each piece has been crafted from steel, finished in auto urethane paint (more commonly used for cars). The seat of the Neotenic Lounge is made from wood and upholstered in cowhide, while the lamps feature blown-glass lamps.
"The Neotenic collection incorporates simple shapes, short thick members, soft edges, and a clumsy appearance. The resulting form appeals to our biological imperative to nurture— to see ourselves in our surroundings and cherish the childlike," Jumbo commented.
Jumbo is a new design practice founded by old friends—Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee. Their studio is guided by a deep respect for sculptural form, rich material, and exquisite detail.