Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos

Designers and Founders of CTRLZAK

March 2016
“Our designs are closer to the process of making art than to industrial production. And for us, this is a bonus. With the Wall & Decò wallpaper series, we had the opportunity to create works on paper that are uniquely designed and tailored to suit a specific ambience. Each of our projects has undergone a long period of research and investigation. Every time we embark on a design, we try to find inspiration from the past and from what has been retained in the memory. In order to advance further and take the next step, you need to look back at history, beyond the latest mood, to find the appropriated contents and rework them in the right, intense way. We always start by mixing history, memory, and the elements around us that seem to have lost their importance. It is no coincidence that CTRLZAK derives its name from the CTRL + Z keyboard shortcut that allows you to go back. We want to revisit issues related to culture and history and to reinterpret them through contemporary eyes.”