Katriina Nuutinen


April 2016
One of Finland’s leading designers, Katriina Nuutinen specialises in glass and ceramics. Since graduating in 2011 from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University in Helsinki, she has frequently worked with materials such as wood, metal, leather, and textile – resulting in successful collaborations with producers such as Ligne Roset and Klong. The delicate Hely jewel lamp is a perfect example of her know-how in working with various materials, and of her creative flair. Nuutinen has won several prizes, among them the Interior Innovation Award 2015 for the Candeo bright light therapy lamp produced by Finnish company Innolux. “My inspiration comes from many things, such as everyday life, animal bones and structures, friends’ words, different materials, as well as interesting colour combinations. I am fascinated by complex yet sophisticated technical details, daring combinations of materials, and harmonious mixes of colour tones. My primary material is glass; it has great qualities that reflect light and colour and create optical illusions. It’s a challenge for a designer to work with glass.” In producing her work, Nuutinen calls on the skills of experienced glass-blowers.