The Vipp Kitchen

A chic industrial look is achieved with the rounded edges and soft stoneware details of the new Vipp kitchen.

September 2017
The latest kitchen furniture from Vipp combines industrially tooled and refined powder-coated steel with the light tactility of fine ceramic stoneware. The engineered process demonstrates Vipp's legacy of allowing functionality and meticulous details to shape the aesthetics of a product.The result is a modular kitchen that exudes the classic, functional Vipp aesthetic.
The delicate stoneware shelves appear seamless and floating next to the steel frame. The corners of the stainless steel countertop and powder-coated body are rounded for a soft take on the industrial material. Says Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at VIPP:
“The rounded corners match the design language of the rest of the Vipp product family, adding a layer of semi-organic softness to the rack’s industrial appearance. It is a refined retake on the classic industrial rack that you find in many hobby and storage rooms. We wanted a tall unit for a lighter storage opportunity in the kitchen, and a lower version for use in various living spaces around the home."
Careful detailing adds extra function to the drawers of the Vipp kitchen. Smaller drawers are equipped with dishwasher-proof cutlery inserts, and larger drawers with a removable mat. The sides of all drawers are fitted with silicone profiles to protect delicate items.
For an uninterrupted expression and full functionality, the stainless steel countertop of the kitchen features an integrated sink and kitchen tap in stainless steel. The Vipp kitchen comes in any colour you want. As long as it's black.

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Sweet Modernist trend:

"Seducing the eye with the vital force of accurate contours, shaping the body of the object like a precious grand centrepiece to attract the attention and polarise our movements... Whether it is the eclectic morphism recalling the forms of exotic locations or the shivering glow of the polished metallic surfaces, the wittiness of the design is enrapturing."
Morten Bo Jensen