Kvadrat's showroom by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Clouds, Ready Made Curtain, Roller Blinds, several textiles and a rug.

January 2018
Kvadrat’s new Copenhagen showroom opened on 23 November 2017. Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, it marks the latest chapter in a long collaboration between Kvadrat and the Bouroullec Studio. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have previously designed visionary products for Kvadrat such as Clouds, Ready Made Curtain, Roller Blinds, several textiles and a rug, as well as showrooms in Stockholm and the firm’s first showroom in Copenhagen.
Erwan Bouroullec says: ‘The concept we developed is focused on materiality, which is at the heart of the Kvadrat brand. For instance, the showroom aims to deliver total flexibility to create scenes with large pieces of textiles and rugs. Doing so provides a deep insight into the weave, weight, transparency and quality of each design. Through the years, our approach to Kvadrat as a textile manufacturer has evolved. This evolution comes naturally from a deeper relationship, and many projects we handled together, but also from a sensation that in contemporary culture the understanding of materiality has become an increasing challenge. Fabrics are wonderful because most of the time their appearance naturally flows from their making. They have all the colours and structures of the yarns blending into your eyes, and not a final coating that would erase the deepness. That is what we wanted to make visible, on a great surface, taking the natural atmosphere of the space as a background.’
Large windows flank three sides of the showroom, which provides panoramic views of an industrial harbour towards the centre of Copenhagen. Inside, two opposing rows of brick walls, topped by transparent glass screens, run parallel through the heart of the space. To stay true to the idea of no colours, just materials, white is the dominant colour in the showroom.