LAMY + Jasper Morrison Designer

As little plastic as possible is used in the LAMY aion and it is manufactured from all-metal.

January 2018
With the new LAMY aion, designed by Jasper Morrison, the German company is expanding its portfolio with a new writing instrument series. Technically structured and functional, the model has a sleek, perfectly-proportioned body, a straight clip, and a stainless-steel nib. Morrison’s design also introduces a fountain pen to the writing collection, which has been equipped with a series-exclusive, newly-formed nib. Morrison gave it an unconventionally-proportioned outline, thus giving the writing instrument an avant-garde character.
‘It’s a distinguishing feature of the LAMY aion,’ says the designer, ‘and a real innovation in the production of writing instruments is the “cast in one piece” manufacture, whereby the body and cap are each designed as closed, seamless components and have an innovative surface structure.’ The grip zone is matted, and finely accented by its externally sprung stainless steel clip. As little plastic as possible is used in the LAMY aion and it is manufactured from all-metal. In order to realise the seamless design and innovative surface finish of the LAMY aion, the company has developed new manufacturing processes. In a sophisticated multi-stage process, the aluminium housing elements are formed by deep-drawing. The components are finished, first with a brushed, stained, polished finish and then, in the case of the grip, blasted and finally anodised.

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"The office goes simple. Visual comfort that is perfect to complement today’s new mantra, the need for a versatile, warm, inclusive piece of furniture conveying emotional and inspiring spaces. We want to feel the atmosphere, sporting here a touch of solid wood, there a honest, clean aesthetic. All over the place, durable pieces that withstand the test of time."