Landa by Chris Martin for Massproductions

November 2019
Massproductions has invited the artist Åsa Stenerhag to collaborate on their installation “Alien Autopsy” which opened at their showroom in Stockholm. The installation is created in conjunction with the launch of the new Landa table system.
Inspired by the moon lander, Massproductions’ new launch allows the table and chair to combine in perfect synergy. When designer Chris Martin designed Landa, he wanted to create a table that gave the chair its fair space and location. “It’s easy to make tables, but we decided to make it difficult by developing a system that can make very long tables, with fewer table legs and without visible fittings” says Chris Martin, design manager and co-founder of Massproductions. Massproductions presents Landa, a table system whose design is based on two parallel steel beams that enable an exceptionally long table frame.
The result is a visually lightweight construction, with a long span between legs, which can either link beams together or end the table frame. - It’s always fun to push the boundaries in terms of height, length or weight. Focusing on length for this project felt especially fitting since some freedom of movement is especially desirable in a table. It is also much nicer to look at chair legs than table legs. In Landa, the surface under the table-top becomes freer and less cluttered, explains Chris Martin.
In the installation, the Landa table presents a series of stoneware sculptures by artist Åsa Stenerhag in prominent organic forms and textures. The installation title “Alien Autopsy” is a nod to a controversial short film by Englishman Ray Santillis from 1995.
“It started with a request to do something in connection with the launch of Landa. The name of the installation challenged and helped me to further develop the design language. It’s like lighting a spark. When parameters are set, ideas are triggered. The idea started from the long table. How we could tell a story, create a feeling, an exciting one, unified together. For me, creation is primarily about intuitive work though also about channelling a feeling. In this case, it is a life energy, which is shaping and explore itself. Both on the inside and the outside” says Åsa Stenerhag.