ADD System by Lapalma

The ADD System is the manifestation of the Light Office concept

December 2017
For more than 30 years, Lapalma has been manufacturing furniture for the residential and contract markets. It is a company defined by constant research on the quality of materials, industrial customisation, and meticulous attention to details. The authentic values of Italian design - comfort, simplicity, functionality and visual appeal - are all integral part to Lapalma’s DNA, and part of the philosophy of designer and company art director, Francesco Rota.
The Light Office concept is the result of an extensive social and technological survey by the brand on new approaches to workspaces and their contemporary interpretations. ‘Thanks to fast technological improvements connected to available work tools, people are rapidly chang- ing their habits. They are tending to leave behind typical rigid and dated office environments, easily able to work from anywhere: working with a tablet on a sofa at home or having a meeting around a coffee table, where discussions take place in open spaces on big shared tables. There is no longer a defined threshold between working environments and domestic spaces. And such influences require even more flexible and comfortable working settings, while allowing for various degrees of privacy.’
Following Rota’s storytelling, Lapalma is presenting products and systems specifically for this new way of being in the office - exploring colours and materials, highlighted by unusual and elegant combinations. The ADD System is the manifestation of the Light Office concept. Its comfort, versatility and modularity are key features in a design grounded in flexibility. The concept consists of three interconnected elements: the ADD benches and seating; ADD T, tables and desks; and ADD S for storage.
‘Since the beginning, when ADD was first introduced, it was thought and designed to evolve into a table collection (ADD T), a storage system (ADD S) and with the opportunity to integrate all three. This is how the ADD System was born - a highly individual system able to transform from an independent working unit to articulated/ self-sufficient task system.’ professional time on domestic time. Office elements are designed for living spaces, changing the setting from professional to that of the domestic and familiar.

DAMN°65 Work presents products that are creating waves in the working field. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Bespoke and Inclusive trend:

"The office goes simple. Visual comfort that is perfect to complement today’s new mantra, the need for a versatile, warm, inclusive piece of furniture conveying emotional and inspiring spaces. We want to feel the atmosphere, sporting here a touch of solid wood, there a honest, clean aesthetic. All over the place, durable pieces that withstand the test of time."