November 2016
During the last Salone del Mobile in Milan, Lensvelt presented a new series of office furniture called the Boring Collection, the result of a collaboration with Space Encounters Office for Architecture. The latter is an international multidisciplinary team of young architects based in Amsterdam. These designs by Gijs Baks, Joost Baks, Remi Versteeg, and Stijn de Weerd are abstract, autonomous, and uncomplicated. Boring Collection was conceived and developed out of a dissatisfaction with the appearance of affordable contract furniture. The standard look of contemporary office furishings is pretty much dictated by legislation and therefore often out of keeping with the rest of the interior and surroundings. Boring Collection — down to the last detail — displays a modest, soft grey colour, and all the shapes are archetypical, straightforward, and discrete, with only one goal: to draw the eye to what actually matters: work. The series consists of a task chair, a visitor chair, an acoustic panel, a low and a high cabinet, and four types of desk, among which is a standing desk. Furthermore, there’s a Boring bin as well as a Boring clock, which, true to office culture, only shows the numbers of the liberating moment.